Kalis Teeth Spiked Chastity Device 2 Rows

Master Seies


This vicious little item can be used in a number of ways depending upon how much discipline you want to inflict. As a very effective chastity device: place it around the shaft of the penis and during an erection, the points will dig into the most sensitive flesh. As a spiked cock ring: place it at the base of the cock and balls and lock it on with a padlock. As a brutal ball stretcher device: wrap it around the scrotum. The method of torture is up to you! The ring has two rows of 0.25 inch long stainless steel teeth. These are not self-locking rings as you will need a small padlock, sold separately, to secure it.

Measurements: (approximate) 4 cm or 4.5 diameter
Material: Steel

Note: Padlock not included

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